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I've made a spread sheet that performs the calculations as layed out in the book.

Thanks for the correction on the terminology. And your sentence above is exactly the kind of terminology I was trying to convey in the "CI of blank film" thread recently. You CAN develop film to a given SBR, just as you can develop film to a given CI. Even if the film didn't recieve a full range of exposure, like in the case of low contrast scenes - say 3 or 4 SBR, or even scenes with no contrast, such as a blank sheet of film.

SBR is the contrast inherent within the scene. Development (developer, time, temperature and agitation) determines the CI one strives for consistant with the printing materials or process.

CI is the result of the inherent scene contrast, exposure, and development of the negative.

It is absolutely impossible to achieve a CI above zero if you have no exposure as in your example of a blank sheet of film.