They may have fallen into the trap of relying on their host for stability and backups.. a bit too hard to speculate at this point due to lack of info. For those curious about APUG.. When I worked at IBM years ago, our huge project had extreme DR (disaster recovery) implemented, as in we actually had to plan for recovering the entire infrastructure from a tactical nuclear strike. I've taken a lot of that experience and applied it to APUGs DR plan. If our data center was destroyed (or server), I have secure synced copies of the site housed in 3 different geos (US, UK, NZ). I would quickly grab new hosting, update our DNS and re-sync data to the new host. We could theoretically be back up and running from a major disaster within a couple of hours. Hopefully the RFF server is the real issue for them and not corrupt data. Bad data is when the real nightmares begin. If it's taken their host this long already, then I wouldn't have much confidence in such a host having reliable backups in place either. Fingers crossed for them.