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First don't store photographic solutions in a refrigerator. Certain components can come out of solution due to the cold and be very difficult to bring back into solution. The only developer I know of where the manufacturer actually recommended such storage is Ethol TEC.
The lifespan of a developer depends on the nature of the developer and varies widely. Rodinal and HC-110 concentrates last for years. Most developers are good for about 6 months if properly stored. Best to make up an amount that can be used in a reasonable length of time depending on your own usage.
Noted, Gerald. Thanks.

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10 - 20 centigrade is not a refrigerator, its living room temperature around here in winter!
You meant 20 Farenheit?
For a tropical country, 20 degree celcius is definitely cold Normal temperature is 32-33 degree celcius.
Does store the solutions in a hot temperature can cause the solution to expire faster?

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Definitely not Fahrenheit. Here in Jakarta, a 22c night is freezing!
The refrigerator temperature in Jakarta is as the same as the room temperature in europe I guess