Hi there,

I have a cheap Pentax K1000 copy camera under the name Centon, its always done the job by and large but recently the meter has stopped working correctly. It seems as though the aperture setting of the lens is no longer being 'considered'. It has a '3 LED in viewfinder system' only.

It seems as though the meter thinks the aperture is set crazy high, and the says a patch of bright midday sunlight (getting on for sunny 16) needs 1/8th of a sec at iso100. Moving the aperture dial has no effect on the meter at this point (with all of my lenses), though the ISO selector seems to be working correctly and the meter moves reacts accordingly.

I understand that with a camera like this an expensive fix is not really worth it, but was wondering if anyone has had a similar problem and found it was something fairly simple!

Thanks in advance for any help,