In my continuing education of the photo world, I was not aware of this guy previously and after two minutes of watching his YouTube stuff my impression of him was simple and immediate.

He is an arrogant douchebag.

Interesting photos at times, (and I am a lover of the happy accident) but his method strikes me as similar to monkeys pounding out Hamlet, hit the keys (or shutter) enough times and you will end up with cool things.
He is definitelyy arrogant and most people hate his guts. I'm not sure about the monkey business you are talking about. I doubt they would get him at Magnum if his work would be of little value or just "accidents". The problem is that you saw the youtube clip before seeing his work...

Oh, about the initial question: if you ask a photographer most answers will be "no punch"; if you ask the people on the street the answers will be probably split 50/ 50. In actual fact no one will punch this guy and he knows it.