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Hi everyone,

I am about to order a Russian rangefinder FED-II with lens from a guy outside Moscow, Oleg Khalyavin, that fixes and sells such cameras. The question is what lens to choose. Besides Industar 61, he offers Jupiter 8 (50 f.2) and Jupiter 3 (50 f.1:5). Which one should I choose? Both are well within my budget, so price is immaterial. Both are also fast enough. I would just like to ask you which one is more likely to be a good, reliable and enjoyable lens?

Probably repeating what others have said and maybe too late but here goes. I own all three lens - the I-61, the J8 and the J3. My favourite is the J8.. its fast, sharp enough and produces surprisingly good results. The J3 is prone to flare (at least mine is) but has a lovely soft classic look wide open.. stopped down to f8 its sharp and contrasty. I tend to use it at night and for portraits.. otherwise the J8 live on the camera. Both are good. The I-61 good too but I prefer the J8 for most situations.. nothing specific.. I just prefer having that extra stop.