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Ha? So if you get a knowledgable, unbiased review of the camera you're happy to pay them 2 hours' wages for it?

This, IMO, will drive more people to the internet. And those disgruntled won't shop at JBHIFI's 'grey' webstore.

That's right. Should we be expecting Harvey Norman to introduce a "pestilence fee", to make a quick buck on the sideline? What else could turn you away?

I buy all of my gear from the web, as I know many on APUG do. That's why retail in Australia is carping, wanting the GST threshold raised to curb shoppers' relentless pursuit of goods online now valued in the billions. For me, when and if I can help it, no money is spent locally on film, cameras, lenses, filters, etc. E6 and printing is the only stuff I actively organise, travel for, oversee production and pay for it. Retail stores lost their grip and focus years ago, but some good ones do exist: Melbourne APUGers will know who I mean. It is now consumer-driven, "the next best thing" and "must have" at any price. The mentioned Ted's in this thread was once a top-notch store with a serious professional outlet upstairs run by seriously professional photographers. Along came a digital and the game changed: it's now a bag place: bags, pouches, gimmicks and gizmos. The hard-sell approach by JB HiFi often results in being swamped with useless information, but they have, according to my niece, beaten the pants off a competitor when she haggled for a better price for a Nikon (can't recall the model). She was told to go there because my sister and her hubby are shareholders in JB HiFi (!). Thankfully, Michaels, a very long established cameras bolthole close by, still looks after film photographers and passionately endeavours to source film cameras, even if the young guns there need some steering back on course with conversations that sometimes drift: "...you might be very impressed by the results from digital compared to that..." (pointing dismissively to my Pentax 67!). I reckon here on APUG beginners would get much better, honest, truthful and grounded advice than walking into a retail outlet and expecting to invoke the power of Hades in a few precious minutes.