I wouldn't pay it, but then I also wouldn't go into a retail store, examine the goods, ask questions, see how the camera feels in my hands and then buy it from the online store where the price is cheaper. There are two sides to this and most other stories. My guess is this policy is a reaction to folks who go into the retail store and do exactly what I suggest they shouldn't do. It reminds me of a Steve McQueen line in The Sand Pebbles which went something like, "Everyone has to earn their bowl of rice." The shop here, buy elsewhere behavior of some, deprives the owner of the business of their opportunity to earn their bowl of rice. Another cut on it for those who have no intention of buying from the retailer is that the shopper in essense is stealing from the retailer, by using the resources of the store with no opportunity for the store owner earn part of his overhead from this use of his stores resources. I buy plenty from the local stores, however I don't use them to shop for stuff I will buy elsewhere. Bill Barber