There aren't any halfcases being made for the voigtlander that I know of. (other than the one supplied from cameraquest when you purchase a new camera)

MY Griptac Review:
My R3M is back from the tailor (my dinner table) and is looking spiffy in its new suit.

The feel
The griptac feels great in my hands. (thanks for recommending it). It still feels great eventhough I've lost the thumbrest.
It does feel noticably slimmer in my hands and it does put a little more strain on my hand when I try to hold it for pro-longed periods of time. Note that I like to hold it by the camera strap, wrapped around my wrist, if i need to hold the camera for a prolonged time.

The look
From afar, the camera looks great. The grey on black is a nice combination.
From upclose, the griptac looks extremely synthetic and cheap. From upclose, it looks like a similar plastic was used to make barbie.
It still feels great in my hands.
I'll upload pictures sometime in the near future.

The application (My mistakes):
- I did take off the bottom plate out of curoisity. I didn't break anything.
- At first, I did use some cleaner that left a crusty residue on my camera that was a lot of trouble to clean off.
- Too much purell, made it difficult for hte leather to wrap around the camera. Patience to let the purell evaporate and displine not to distrube the ahheasive saved me from ruining the griptac.
Read everything on their website. I found the vulcunate removal page for the M cameras very useful. I also followed the instruction to apply the griptac using their wet method.
Be careful when taking the camera apart because I was very curious with all the screws and crevaces underneeth the old grip.

The most annoying part
The camera itself, isn't flat. So all the crevaces show up and can be felt after you apply the griptac. The griptac will fit ever contour of the camera and will stick to it. If you feel carefully you can feel the gaps left by teh manufracture and the screws under the grip tac.
Therfore, the Griptac will never be truely flat.
The orginal grip had allowances that filled the gaps and allowed the hand grip to remain fully flat.