I've had a beloved Nikon F100 now for about 3 years and it really hasn't gotten too much use since I also have an F4 that I normally shoot if I want to shoot 35mm. But the F4 is heavy and the AF plain stinks. I'm going to start using the F100 now since I want a light and fast AF camera for hiking. Besides the fact that there is no cable release socket the other thing that bothers me about the F100 is lack of mirror lock up. I have heard that this will be a problem with shots on a tripod with a telephoto lens at 1/30 and slower. BUT, I have also heard that the shutter in the F100 is so good that there is no need for MLU. So which is true? Or are both true to some extent? And what can I do to ensure sharp photos with the F100 and my 80-200/2.8?