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Just received a print from Christian Olivet... really beautiful! And matted no less! It's so great to study prints and images that are so different from my own. I find these exchanges, not only fun, but really 'eye opening' too.

Mine still need to be toned, so they should be ready to go, perhaps, end of next week, beginning of the following.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, Christian!!!
Suzanne, I am glad you liked the print. Even though I have not received anyone's print yet, I have a feeling that the value of the exchange is in how it will affect us. It is a mind broadening excersise that would not work the same way if we were to choose the prints we want to receive.

I also feel that we get to know the fellow apuger through the print, and that is a nice thing, since we can't see each others faces.

Thanks Suzanne!