since 1991 i have been working with public libraries
to document their town/city so they have a photographic file of
local images. some have included important people in the community,
while others have concentrated on specific sites, or streetscapes.
in the end these libraries have photographs that will last hundreds of years
given to them as hand stitched books of images, so in the years to come people
will have some idea of what their towns/city looked like "now"

i have also been selling my photographs and donating the money to charity.
when the earthquake in haiti happened, i sold images on ebay and donated the
money to doctors without borders. last year when the earthquake happened in japan
i used my imagekind website/store to sell images and donated money to the japan society.
just a few days ago, i decided to sell more photographs and i will donate the funds to
the local food bank. i am not rich by any stretch of the imagination, but i live like a king
compared to some folks, so i am donating what i can, when i can.

if you are interested, feel free to browse my storefront ... ( see my signature )