The Christmas season is nearly apon us again dammit! I have been asked by a family member to "Buy yourself a book for Christmas...." While it doesn't sound in the spirit, I do quite like this approach, as I know I will get something that I will like/treasure, instead of some mind numbing crap that will sit in a drawer after boxing day!

Now the hard part! Finding something! Last year my wife gave me "Beyond Monochrome", which has become my go to book. This year, I would like to get something more so on the inspiration or even pictorial side of things, as opposed to technical

My first thought was "Approaching Photography" by Paul Hill, but I am after more suggestions.

Can anyone recommend anything that might be good? I am probably looking at around $50-$60 Aussie dollars(maybe $100 if I can stretch it), so a first release classic is out of the question!