Who is this "WE" of which you speak? Any time I hear someone unilaterally speak for the masses it is always for something that will make us "better" and more "open minded", think, prohabition. I agree that it would be nice if there were more arts but then who is it that would decide what is "art", You? Sports is easy to quantify, it is after all, competition but tastes vary so widely when it comes to things of the "artistic" nature that it is not so cut and dry. I like Robert Mapplethorpe's early works but there is a lot of his work that I find offensive and would not want my children exposed to but if a "cultural committee" decided that "WE" needed to experience all of his work people may get offended. I like it the way it stands, I choose what I like and avoid what I don't, simple. I also monitor what my children are exposed to as that is my imperative as a parent. The great "unwashed" masses are sheeple and so are led around by what sells, don't fall into their trappings unless you can develop the next "Masters of Art" video game or reality television show, oh, oh, I know, how about an Ansel Adams Fat Head wall sticker.