i appreciate your input. I was working as a portrait artist for the last 5 years, a business that i have closed this past June. i posted those photos on 500px just to have something there, but other than the one in sepia and the one of a toddler laughing the work is not really me - they were for clients.

I feel that i have lost so much "soul" while running the business that I just need something to kick start my photography again. I want to grow in a direction very much different from what i was doing for the last few years. You know it is a sad day when you look at photographs taken 5 years ago and they look better than what you've done recently! I've recently joined a camera club as well, hoping that that will help inspire me.

Your suggestion of the Magnum workshop is terrific. However there doesn't seem to be sign ups available for 2012, at least not yet. I'll keep checking.

I will keep an eye out for MEM's workshop. Next year will be tough as my youngest is still young, but 2013 may be a possibility.