Hi Steve. While it is true that your last post said nothing new, it simply being the most amazingly detailed reiteration I've ever seen, I do have a very slight problem with your 1/60 sec recommendation. I think that Kodak's recommended X-sync speed of 1/125 is probably a little better at lessening the possibility of ambient-light 'ghosts' than 1/60 sec would provide. Depends on the amount of ambient light, so your milage may vary ;-)

Having said that, I have an old shutter that just isn't up to snuff any more, and needs a speed of 1/50 sec or longer to work right. When the temperature drops below 50 F I can set it on anything; it slows down to the point that it gives second-long exposures every time.

I personally like to use flash in a manner that emphasizes natural light as much as possible, so when a flash is needed I typically have many-second-long exposures, and fire the flash manually, or (rarely) paint the scene with light. But in the end I don't use the flash much, so I will always concede any point made by someone more experienced with flash than I.