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As an FYI : All our resellers around the world should have a swatch book available showing all our paper products ( including ART300 ).

Simon. ILFORD Photo / HARMAN technology Limited :
I'm impressed! To see a rep of Illford active on APUG is a real honor... plus you have over 1100 posts just blows me away.

I have been in search of a comparable paper to replce my old AGFA Record Rapid n found Illford MGFB Warmtone to be about the closest so far. Films have improved so much over the years but papers have all but dissapeared. I just hope telling you this will inspire Illford to continue it's efforts to supply us with good materials to work with so we can keep film alive n well for another 200 years.

BTW B&H needs a new swatch book, theirs is missing papers and in rag tag condition.

Thanks Simon.