Hi Simon, Great to see you posting about the new paper.

I have been running it through the paces lately and like very much what I see. It is great to work with and I love the texture and how it compliments a certain type of photograph. However, the thing I am not so sure of is the somewhat reflective sheen the paper displays. I was under the impression that this was to be more like Hahnemuhle's digital "Photo Rag" paper with a dull, matt surface much like a watercolor paper. I'm finding this shine coupled with the texture to be distracting and am hearing the same from other photographers as well.


What I am wondering is if Ilford has any plans to offer a more traditional matt surface as in their other papers? If possible, I think it would be a great alternative and make the paper even more interesting to potential users. Personally I would buy the stuff by the case if so, but in its current state I can only see using it for the occasional project.

All that aside, I commend you and Ilford for your dedication to traditional photographic materials and I will continue using your products with great satisfaction. The fact you've actually developed a new paper is a testament to your commitment to those of us that still love the wet darkroom and I can only hope there will be more.

All the Best, Bill Schwab