Talking with my wife she shared that so much glass today has a slight green tint to it and perfectly clear looking glass is very expensive. I'll find out more about thickness options from her but in inches I think the most common thin glass is 1/8 in the US.

Cutting to size and grinding smooth grinding edges should not be an issue, they have great jigs for that and I think everything there comes out with smooth edges (cuts down on law suits, worker's comp cases and all) always supply a good final product.

There also might be a option to create ground glass replacements. I read the article here on apug about using coumpounds to grind/polish glass to an even frost look, and that may be kind of needed item. Just as long as I don't start causing a stir at her business, you know the Bosses Spouce thing can be distracting.

Love hearing all the input. Keep it comming.