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I'd greatly appreciate any insight on how to fix and / or avoid this problem.

I've developed a roll of Tri-X as I have countless times in the past.
My first thought is insufficient developer volume ...

But before I "leap", I'd like a little more information: What film format?; Was this in a "manual" or "rotary processed" (i.e. JOBO) tank? If it was in a rotary-spooled tank, was the worst example of this on the frame closest to the center of the tank?

I'm guessing ... and this doesn't seem at all likey, but it *might* be that the film buckled outward on the spool - somehow (possibly jumped the track?) - and there wasn't *quite* enough developer to cover, so that, in rotation, the developer was sloshed toward the center of the film. Better yet, ?????

The chances of that all happening are remote ... but I don't know what else "fits".

I once decided to develop a roll of 120 AgfaPan 400 in Rodinal, manually inverting the usual JOBO 1500 series tank twice every 30 seconds for agitation. Unfortunately (see: Duh!), I had used the same amount of developer for "hand inversion" as I would have in the usual machine roation - about half of what it should have been. The result? Half the frame (the top half as it sits in the non-inverted position) severely underdeveloped.

So that is my best guess - and in writng this, I found that I've *fried* the batteries in my crystal ball.