The F5 is a great camera, but don't discount the F4 as well. They can be had for chips and still have great metering that works with the older non Ai lenses (albeit in stop down mode), The AF on the F4 is a bit "yesterday" but I never use AF anyway. If you go for the F5 I would stick with AF lenses as they will give you all the metering functions that make the F5 special.
Agree that the F5 is a much better buy than the F6 which has already become collector status.
I have the Af 85mm 1.4 which is about as good as it gets for portrait lenses. The 105mm 1.8 is special as well, but not in AF. If you like zooms then the 80-200 2.8 is the business too.
BTW, welcome back to film....we never really leave it do we!