FS: Leica M2, serial number 941196 which dates it from 1958. This is a button rewind model.

Mechanically this camera very nice. It operates very smoothly. The shutter simply purrs at 1 sec. The viewfinder is clear and accurate. There simply are no issues. Everything is very smooth, very "Leica".

Cosmetically the camera is in excellent shape. But there a few marks. Most notably on the top above the viewfinder there is a rub mark. It looks in the photo like it's dented, but it is not. There is no deformation of the metal. There are also a few bright marks on the top. On the rear top right there are two pinpoint dings shown in one of the photos below. There is light brassing around the viewfinder in the rear. There is some wear to the bottom film rails at the right. This has not been an issue.

The Vulcanite is tight and complete with no missing bits. Overall the camera is very clean as depicted in the photos.

This camera includes the Abrahamsson Rapidwinder. I've probably not even used the Rapidwinder enough to break it in. It is essentially as-new, even though it was purchased approximately ten years ago.

The original M2 baseplate is not with the camera. When the Rapidwinder arrived, I dutifully placed the baseplate in the Rapidwinder box so I'd know where it was. But in the intervening years I have moved a couple of times. I am 99 44/100% certain that the baseplate is in one of the many boxes at my house. But I'm currently about 900 miles away from there and can't look for it. Consequently, the Rapidwinder and the M2 are being offered together.

Price is $1295.00 plus shipping/insurance/PayPal for both the M2 and the Rapidwinder. If you have any questions, please email or PM.