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I am on Henry Scherer's waiting list. If you look at his website there are several impressions you get: firstly, he knows Contax in the way a neurosurgeon knows the brain. Secondly Zeiss manufacturing of cameras was fundamentally flawed In a way that doomed them to be overwhelmed by the Japanese. Thirdly, even though my Contax IIa color dial (which cost more than a new car in 1954) probably never worked properly, which is why it is_pristine_:it can be rebuilt, better than it was before, without spending six million dollars. Fourthly Kievs are a crap shoot with the emphasis on crap. There are a few voigtlander Contax mount cameras still out there. I was considering the adapter for non analog use also...

Scherer's site does contain a number of exaggerations. It was the SLR that overwhelmed Zeiss, not some fundamental flaw in the Contax cameras (Zeiss did come out with a pro-level SLR, but it was over-engineered, expensive, and late to the game). Their rangefinder cameras were highly regarded when they were manufactured, so you should treat Scherer's claims with skepticism. As for the pristine condition of your camera - the things are built like tanks, so they hold up well under use.