Nikon lens recommendations? As a few have already suggested, you cannot go wrong with the 80-200mm F2.8D ED; it is simply an astonishing piece of glass. If you prefer manual focus, the 80-200 F4 Ais is also a solid performer. I also am keen on the AFS 28-70mm F2.8 ED. In terms of prime lenses, I can only offer advice on Nikon's manual focus offerings (all my primes are manual focus Ais lenses). So...for telephotos, kudos to the 85mm F1.4 Ais, the 105mm F1.8Ais or 105mm F2.5Ais (I also have a 135mm F2 that I picked up for a song that is a first-rate performer). As far as wide angles go (again mine are manual focus), I would give a thumbs up to the 24mm F2 Ais, the 28mm F2 Ais or (especially) the 35mm F1.4 Ais. For standard lenses, I own both a 50mm F1.4 Ais as well as a 50mm F1.2 Ais (the former too cheap to let slip); both are excellent. I have used both the AF 50mm F1.4 as well as the AF 50mm F1.8 and cannot really tell a difference between the two; the choice, in my view, is basically a dollar issue.