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What I meant was that I am trying to use a simple and inexpensive alternative in an application that probably requires a better thought-out solution. I have yet to decide exactly how I will do the permanent installation. Side channels, though perfect for windows, are not acceptable in my case, since the blinds are covering an open door-way.
Better thought out? That's code for SU (spousal unit) approval

I've added super magnets from Lee Valley to my bag of tricks since my cottage has had 2 overhead prop. fans hanging off 3 small magnets for years now.
-mount several magnet buttons in jamb or casing, add ferrous (and light seal material for the crack) to side channels and snap in place before use.
-saw kerf on outboard edge of casing would make a nice light trap groove to slide in continuous strip of broken metal attached to side channels to the casing face with magnets.
-route back of casing thinner & slip ferrous into space. magnets to temp channel, etc.
-find Schlegel pile http://www.schlegel.com/assets/files...tio%20door.pdf from someone that repairs/mfgrs residential aluminum storm doors, the stuff for the removable screen/window would be great for the removable side channel light seal

-I used to use Newco in Winnipeg a lot for all kinds of weather sealing, they've got a really wide range of products. some might work well for removable temp. installation with magnets.


Hope that sparks some ideas.