I'm going to try some studio stuff later today and just want to make sure that I have everything in order.

I have a generic 16 channel radio trigger, and I have plugged a 4 inch PC to 1/8" jack into it (or whatever the standard 'headphone' size is).

For the Mamiya C33, do I just plug the PC cord into the receiver on the lens? Or will I need a special adapter or something?

And for the Nikon FM, I should just be able to put the radio trigger on the shoe mount correct?

I do have one of those 'cubes' that fits on the hotshoe, and has two PC ports on the side, and another hotshoe space on the top. Its a Satter brand if I remember correctly.

I'm figuring that there isn't much I can blow, being that both of these cameras have minimal electronics if any, but I'd rather be safe. I've already blown the LCD panel in my digital once.