Y'all are pretty technical I guess, so I might have mis-categorized this thread. It didn't seem to fit in the "antiques & collectibles" forum, because that's a discussion of equipment, not art sale prices.

Anyway, I was a little puzzled when I couldn't find the realized prices on the international auctioneer's website, and wrote them an email, to which they obligingly replied with sales data. Turn out the auction goes on until today. Should be ending right around now, really. Prices will be up on Monday.

In the meantime, I checked out a few of the items. The featured works all rose in value. Kahlo's work sold for 27 600, Sander's for 38 400 (+92% est.), Steinert's for 25 800 (+115% est.). Weegee's Murder in Hell's Kitchen rose in value by 86%, though The Critic sold at-cost.

Although the data isn't up yet on Goldin's work, her work will also be present at the Van Ham auction, December 9th.