I have also been considering this post for several days and also used TP at one time. My experience was in 35 mm and medium format. The positive aspects of this film are the fine grain, incredible resolution, and the ability to build density. The later being important in a film used in your chosen process. However when contact printing resolution and fine grain become far less important a consideration then when enlarging the negative.

However, if you are seriously considering moving into ULF at some point then my recommendation would be to consider a film such as FP4+ and encourage you to look into that film used with Pyrocat HD. Sandy King (founder of Pyrocat HD and a carbon process printer) and Clay Harmon (Pt-Pd printer) have done a wealth of research into that developer and it's application with FP4, Tri X and other films as well. The reason that I mention FP4 is that when one moves into ULF, film choices become quite limited. The film that Photo Warehouse sells is for all intents and purposes FP4 which they buy in bulk and recut to the larger sizes. My thinking is that to gain as much experience with a film and developer combination is important to realizing repeatable results. To switch about using several films can be counter productive. I am not saying that TP can not work. I am however stating the obvious that TP is not available in ULF.

Information regarding developing times, ratios, and dilutions for that developer may be found on Unblinkingeye.com. I use the Photo Warehouse film and Pyrocat HD on my 8X10 and 12X20.

Good luck.