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I have a Norwood Director incidence light meter, but the white dome on it is damaged, and needs to be replaced. Can anyone recommend a company to fix it? Preferably someone in canada, if there is one.
In the U.S. :

Quality Light Metric
7060 Hollywood Blvd.
Suite 415

(323) 467 2265

They should have the parts. They do repair, recalibrations etc. A good place even for Spectra meters.

FYI: The Norwood director actually lead to the Spectra meters as Karl Freund licensed Don Norwood's patents and rights to the photosphere and started the Photo Research company. The Sekonic and other knock-offs are NOT anything but copies using expired patents and products of "other people's" intellecual creativity. They are NOT related to the Norwood director despite Sekonic having made the last series of Director meters for Brockway---Brockway bought the rights to the Norwood director from Fruend--- and also licensed the design for their own brand. These patents expired in 1960 and the design was picked up by Gossen, Sekonic (without license) and others... Free for all....

So... The real Norwood design is the Spectra (still made in Bakelite and called the "Classic"). Its all kind of wild since the Norwood Director, not the Spectra, went then into production in 1949 for American Bolex Corp and was sold as the Bolex meter.. The Norwood Director style became popular among amateurs and the Spectra style among professionals.. Then Spectra introduced in responce the the success of the Gossen Luna-Pro the Combi-II which was like a Norwood Director on steroids.. OK.. enough side-tracking... Contract Quality in Hollywood :-)