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Better thought out? That's code for SU (spousal unit) approval ...


Hope that sparks some ideas.

Hello Robert,

Just so, SUA! Thanks, I need my logic circuits reset from time to time. The doorway has drywalled jambs, corner-bead, etc, but a magnetic solution is quite feasible. There is a sign-making business here that has magnetic strip and (some) ferrous metal although they use mostly aluminium-type material. My son has some of those Lee Valley magnets - very strong. At any rate, I'm sure a good light seal and easy install/remove is possible. I'll give Newco a call, which brings back memories. I had a car stolen from a lot just down the street from them in 1991. It had just had major repair work done on it at Rudy's Auto. The car was left on the lot across the street overnight. The next morning, when I went to pick up my car it was gone. Rudy and I were staring across the street, wondering what had happened, when a tow truck went by with the remains of my car attached. The joy-riders had smashed the ignition lock, hot wired it, side-swiped a whole row of cars on another street, and left the wreck on the railway tracks. The driver of the switching engine radioed the police, because the car was blocking his way. Needless to say my Autopac settlement was less than satisfactory.

p.s. Robert, I finally got around to trying the Scopix - very nice. I'll email or PM you tomorrow and fill you in on what I've been doing the last couple of years.

Hello ice-racer,

Please pardon my sort of hi-jacking your thread, but Robert is my first cousin once removed (I am not making this up).

Thank you for posting your info and photos. I have a window that could use a black-out blind like the one you are installing on your patio door, so this is quite helpful, although more SU negotiation may be required.

Hello cliveh,

I had a look at the Richards of Hull site. They have some very interesting equipment. I fear the shipping would be a killer to North America, but I always like to see what is out there.

Thanks and Cheers All,