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Hi Grant

You should get together with the rest of your graduating students and give your photography teacher a gift, that darkroom looks exactly like the one I worked in at Fanshawe College in 1973, Wow I am really happy to see this one as all we here is doom and gloom regarding the teaching of analog photography and the pictures of that darkroom are blast from the past for me. Your teachers seem to know what they are doing, and you, Parsons School of Design.
I have heard that my darkrooms at the college are dismanteled and have been replaced by computers and inkjet machines *very sad*
We do have the best darkroom in the district. And most of that comes from the insistance of my teacher. Sure we are starting to integrate digital into everything, but he strongly feels that analog is a must for any photo student. In fact they don't even introduce you to digital until level 3, and with that they still shoot color slides and scan those. This is the first year that we are (actually only me) doing color work at the school though, which is very cool.