I consider getting a TLR (Rolleiflex T) again as I miss it since I sold it last year. I realized that there is a back for instant films, but frankly I did not manage to find out what type of film and whether such film is still available. I am aware that there is only Fuji and the Impossible project when it comes to instant film.

1) So - a general question - for which medium format (preferably 6x6 and larger) are there backs for instant (polaroid) film available - is the film still available?

2) On which cameras (apart from the polaroid SX 70 and the series 600 - these cameras do not appeal to me much) can the films from Impossible Project be used? The sheets are rather large at about 10 x 10 cm with picture area about 8 x 8 cm.

My point is - it would be great to have a medium format camera on which I could put an instant film back from time to time.