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Thats the thing I'm not sure, I'm dabbling in a bit of all kinds of photography right now, but I'm starting to lean more towards landscape and nature now.
For a long time I got locked into buying lenses in case I found something to shoot with them. Now I just buy when I find I am continually having to sacrifice my visualized composition because I lack the right lens, i.e. I kept having to crop out significant parts of shots because my 180mm lens was too long so I am selling it to go with a 150mm lens (it's also a lot lighter which helps). If you find that you are skipping on shooting things because you can't get them large enough then get a telephoto (or a macro lens if they are small objects) and if you find that you are having trouble getting everything into the frame you want to then pick up a wider angle. If you aren't having trouble with this, then spend the money on more film, shoot more photos, and enjoy that 50mm!