Dear Bill,

Pleased you like ART 300 : Its funny, Glossy unglazed FB outsells matt FB by a factor of 4 to 1 approx, when we went out on field trial to photographers around the world with ART 300 some of the questions on the questionnaire obviously relate to the surface, we got excellent feedback.

Perhaps as the product is now being used by a wider audience its kicking up more comment.

I would say this, you can matte down an emulsion used for coating, whether it would be viable to launch a matte version I cannot say and its very early days in the product life, so certainly not at the moment. When you have a matte version you also get the 'its D.Max is not as good as the 'glossier' version, this is 95% perception and about 5% fact. The reflective quality of the product is the thing, the photo emulsion on ART 300 certainly retains the bases inherent 'lustre' whereas an inkjet coating dulls it significantly due to the particulates in the ink jet coating. As always it comes down to personal taste, probably prints using ART 300 are more likely to be hung and split reflective surfaces can be tricky to view in high light.

I am aware of 'matte' sprays that are commercially available but could not speak of any archival effect they may have, I will see what is out there though.

Simon ILFORD Photo / HARMAN technology Limited :