Hi All,

I've been a member for several years, but only recently became active in APUG.org. I even subscribed, which I encourage you to do to support this site.

I collect, repair, and shoot with mechanical cameras that don't use batteries (no electronics). Mostly 35mm.
Being an engineer at heart, I also modify cameras. For example, I figured out a modification to the Olympus Trip 35 and Pens that gives you manual control over their two shutter speeds. You turn the camera upside-down to get its high speed, using gravity to move a lever deep within the camera.
I'm currently learning about developers, and my project now is to create versions of XTOL/Mytol and DS-10 that last for years (in concentrate form) and are convenient for one-shot usage.

My day-job is computer programming (hence the "geek-type"), and I even have some patents in digital imaging/photography -- shame on me!
But I enjoy film and chemistry with my classic cameras.

Mark Overton