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I suppose the only way for the rest of us to also appreciate the difference in the two systems would be to see the same neg/print taken with the Olympus.
I'm not into wasting film to do comparative tests. Make no mistake, the Olympus OM gear is exceptionally good (two random examples below) - I just didn't expect 20-30 years older Nikkor technology to match it, that's all.

(OM-3Ti, Zuiko 135mm)

(OM-3Ti, Zuiko 35mm)

P.S. Look at the (subtle, but visible in large prints) "smearing" effect in the last couple of millimeters in the top corners of the above print. All my Zuiko 50mm and wider lenses tend to do this. The Nikkor H.C 50mm, printed on the same paper through the same enlarging lens, does not seem to do so. Anyway, it's minor - I don't want to make too big an issue out of it :-)