Craigslist is often a great place to look? Sometimes the equipment is junk, othertimes a gem, we can try to help you best we can. Lenses typically work on all enlargers so long as the right lens mount is avail. Generally you want a 50mm lens for 35mm photography enlarging. Your daughter I believe you said is starting w 35mm, so that is what you should aim for, an enlarger with a 50mm lens (a Nikon, Schneider, Rodenstock brand is usually a great score), a negative carrier for 35mm and some other items can usually be gotten for next to nothing. I just opened up craigslist, is this close to you? It looks like an Omega B22, this might be a good start? What do others feel re this one?

Of course it should be tested, i.e., you and or your daughter should find the manual and make sure at the time you show up to test an enlarger, you all are familure with how it works to test it. Ask here as you wish, as we would love nothing more than to have another printer!