Just a quick note from Yours Truly to say that it's been a year since I became a full-on subscriber to APUG, and so I've officially gotten rid of the unwieldly nickname here and have made this, a new account with my real name. (I tried merely put in a request to change names a few months ago, but never got a suitable response.) So this will be my account from now on. I just wanted to make a note of it for people who know me here, including people from whom I've bought film and gear, so I don't seem like a whole new person!

While I'm at it, I might as well attempt to define where I'm going in my photography this coming year. It is exceedingly difficult since it is so convenient and I'm loving my new Minolta X-570, but I'm trying to wean myself away from shooting so much 35mm, and shoot more medium and large format. I'm soon paying off some medical debt from a kidney stone problem I had earlier this year, and so I'll be in the market soon for a modern 250mm+ large format lens. A friend is St. Louis has been trying to tempt me with an 8x10 camera he saw on Craigslist up there, but I'm trying to convince myself that my two 4x5 cameras (a Crown Graphic and a Calumet 540 monorail) are enough, that 4x5 is a sweet spot and I don't need to get anything larger! I'll be also concentrating on my printing skills. I haven't done nearly enough printing so far, just a couple of small sessions in the latter part of this year.