If you want a small and light unobtrusive MF camera with a wide lens for street then look no further then the Fuji GS645W. The Fuji cameras are all great as far as optics and functionality go but many of the various models have significant design flaws which are typically the only thing you hear as far as complaints go with them. The GS645W is the only Fuji that does not have crappy bellows or a poorly designed lens mount that requires a bumper to protect the lens from ripping off at the slightest bump. The GS645W has a 45mm (nice and wide on 645) f5.6 lens that rivals the sharpness of any MF or 35mm camera including Hasselblad and Leica. The GS645W is a Zone Focus camera which would scare some people off but this is what makes it practically designed for street photography. Talk to as many street photographers as you can and you'll hear a great many of them (although certainly not all of them) explain the importance of shooting from the hip in street work. Shooting from the hip is achieved by zone focusing the camera and training yourself to frame your shot and make the exposure with the camera inconspicuously at the hip i.e. not bringing it up to your face to compose and focus. In reality many opportunities to capture the decisive moments in street work would be missed if you took the time to raise the camera to focus and compose with every possible scenario. If you're not familiar with Zone Focusing you can find good info on it within the forum and all over Google. I would highly encourage you to learn about it (if you're not already well versed in it) and not rule out the GS645W simply because it doesn't have typical rangefinder or SLR style focusing. In the end you'll very likely be using zone focusing heavily in your street work.