Dan Daniel:

Perhaps, to an extent. But I also want to know about a product before purchasing it, instead of buying something blindly because it was recommended by someone. What if I figure out what something is after purchasing, when it is actually something I rather dislike and now would rather not use the camera. It would be a waste of money.


You're probably right, but I do want you to know that I have been looking but I'm finding online resources fairly scarce. Maybe I'm just looking in the wrong spots? Do you know any good sites to look at? I don't know of a library in 2011 that has good film photography resources, even for 35mm, maybe you're lucky in the GTA.

I do know a bit about the different sizes that can be used on 120 (6X4.5,6X6,6X7,6X8,6X9, and so forth) and about TLRs vs SLRs (I'm guessing you brought this up due to my asking about needing to look separately for a WLF or back for a TLR? Well, I'm guessing I wouldn't need to, but I'd just like a clarification).