For street shooting 2 cameras come to mind: Mamiya 645 with 80mm 2.8 with WLF or a Mamiya C330 or C220 twin lens. I've used both of them successfully. The 645 has the advantage of 15 shots per roll and a pretty modest cost. The Mamiya twin lens cameras are standard 6x6 with 12 frames per roll and with interchangeable lenses from 45mm to 250mm. I use a lovely 65mm which draws beautifully. The C330 winds the shutter and advances the film in one stroke; the C220 requires a separate shutter cocking action. One rarely noted attribute of a twin lens reflex is that there is no mirror black out since there is no moving mirror. Neither have built in meters--on most MF cameras you will have to meter separately. It's pretty easy once you start doing it. As a poster said previously, you meter once and don't change your settings unless the light changes. Suggest Apug Classifieds or KEH. I've used KEH repeatedly over the years with only good things to say about them. I wouldn't suggest the auction site unless you knew what you were doing. Use the web for info on these and other models. There is a wealth of info available even on Wikipedia. Also, try's a goldmine. Happy hunting!