Thanks so much niftyfifty! I didn't like a lot of my pictured from this roll I thought a lot of them were underexposed but I'm still getting the hang of this whole thing and feel a bit intimidated by it XD Even though I shoot manual on my dslr I just don't know if what I was doing there is the same that I am goind here and this is a lot less handheld than digital. I think I have the aperture/speed thing down but since I taught myself by reading and practicing I don't have a lot of technical knowledge and don't feel very confident in what I'm doing XD I can't wait to see your next film please share with us and I already have a b/w one to develop but need to wait a bit because I want to take a few at once hehe!

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Awesome job! I just got my first test roll of film shot in my AE-1 (non Program) developed a couple of days ago. I didn't try to do anything like you did. I took snaps of streets, street signs and other "throw away" shots because my goal was to see if the camera was in good shape and detect light leaks. All my prints came out fine, so NOW I can do like you and actually take some REAL pictures. I'm so excited that if I were a dog my tail would be thumping non-stop!