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Thanks much you guys I have other pics I liked but not as much as these I switched lens halfway through my roll to a 30-120mm I htink it was and I'm not used to working that lens and the results weren't that good. I have 2 other lens that came with the AE-1 I got one is a 80-200 zoom I think and the other seems to have a macro that one I'll have to try out. The thing is that I'm not very good with lens that don't have a big aperture so I really want some faster lenses for this body any recommendations on that? I will definetly try out my own b/w but I need to get some regular b/w film yet as the one I got was this crappy process anywhere kind from kodak from the drugstore that's all they had. I am going to see if I can get the chemicals and canisters and such to try it out any recommendations as to where to buy these for a cheap price? I wonder if they will deliver to puerto rico too ^^;
If that's Kodak BW400CN it's FAR from "crappy." It's actually excellent film and some years ago I shot a lot of the Ilford competitor, XP2, even though I could do conventional black and white. It's really a color film with only one dye layer, a black dye, so it can be developed in color negative chemicals. You may get "crappy" results though because it's likely to be printed on a machine intended for color printing and the prints will likely have a color cast. If the operator carefully adjusts this it can actually look nice, but don't count on that.

The good news is once you start printing your own black and white, you can make really good conventional prints from those negatives.