Roger Cole, thank you kindly for the thorough response. I've read it but I'll reply with follow up questions at a later time.

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As I said in the other thread, welcome to APUG.

There may actually be someone from APUG nearby (Edmonton) who you could talk to to help you with this stuff.

I buy from a variety of sources, including KEH, but because I am just minutes from a border crossing, I have the option of having items shipped to my US mailing address. For that reason KEH is great for me.

Most likely you won't have to pay duty if you import something using KEH, but you will have to pay shipping and GST, and as KEH seems to insist on using UPS or Fedex, you will often get hit with their (UPS or FEDEX's) outrageous "brokerage" charges.

I've had a look at the Alberta Craigslist sites - for photographic stuff, it seems clear that Vancouver is way better. I don't know whether Kijiji is any better. That being said you might want to consider posting a WTB listing for a hand meter.

The 124G has a waist-level finder and a fixed lens - Lyle's listing looks to be the sort of thing you are looking for.

You might consider looking at some of the camera instruction manuals on Mike Butkus' excellent website, The manual there for the Yashica 124G takes you through the operation of that camera, and may very well give you some perspective on many of these issues.
Hello, again!

How much is usually paid through those brokerage charges? I've heard a lot of bad stuff about Craigslist and Kijiji, so I'm a little hesitant to use either. But it can't hurt to check, I suppose. You're right - Lyle's listing looks good. But I'm really without a clue on how the whole process of buying from an APUG member works and I'm, being new here, not sure of having to give a shipping address to a stranger. Maybe when I get better acquainted with the site. Also, like I said, this would not be something I can buy right now, so unless Lyle can hold out for a few months, then that just isn't going to work.

Thanks for reminding me about Butkus, I completely forgot about that website. I have used it for manuals on my 35mm equipment.