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Dan Daniel:

Perhaps, to an extent. But I also want to know about a product before purchasing it, instead of buying something blindly because it was recommended by someone. What if I figure out what something is after purchasing, when it is actually something I rather dislike and now would rather not use the camera. It would be a waste of money.
Buying a camera is a tricky thing. it's like buying a car, shoes, choosing a long-term (or short-term) mate. What works for me won't work for you. Or what works for me works for you, but for completely different reasons. Face it, you will not 'know' about a camera until you use it. The more cameras you use, the easier these decisions become, but even after 40 years of cameras i need to hold a camera and take it out before I 'know' about that particular camera. Decades ago my two favorite cameras were a TLR and a 35mm rangefinder. 30 years later, I am right back to these, except that the rangefinder is a 6x9 because I like medium format negatives. But no one could have convinced me that I didn't need to use a MF SLR or a 4x5 view camera or a three different 35mm SLR systems or 6 different digital cameras in the meantime. Buying and selling cameras is usually part of the process.

The TLR being sold by LyleB can be sold for what you pay him if it doesn't work out. That may sound cruel or short-sighted, but it's the reality. I bet most people here have been through a few cameras over the years. So it isn't a waste of money. Think of owning many of these cameras as simply renting them until you sell them on.

A problem for you is that $250 is not a lot to spend. Most MF cameras are old and need maintenance or repair. So even if you get a Bronica ETR series with a 50mm and 120 back, there is a decent chance that the back will develop a leak in the next year, the shutter could freeze up, etc. That's a chance with any of these cameras. So condition is very important. This is where buying from a place like KEH, a known entity or place like here where people identify with their sales, or locally, becomes helpful.

One thing I haven't heard mentioned- the reversed image of a WLF. On both TLRs and SLRs, the image will be upright but reversed. Some people, maybe most, get used to this very quickly. But it does take time, especially on the street where you often want to react but find yourself moving the wrong way or such.