Actually Ralph ^^; So embarrassed but um I have already sort of stumped upon *ahem* another little slr which my grabby hands couldn't say no to *sweat* see when I told my borhter and his wife I wanted to shoot filM she said she had *an old slr* somewhere in her I couldn't resist going to her house to see what this tempting thing was doing hiding away in her closet and so she sold it to me for $25 dollars and now I also have a Asashi Pentax X-1000 too but the 2 lenses were done for full of fungi and I am clueless as if they can be cleaned I don't know how to take them apart so I'm on the look out for a lens for it maybe a 50mm prime which is what I am used to shooting with and could be potentially cheap? I need a lens to test it. The body seems kind of beat up and I don't see that foam part on the inside where the mirror is is that a problem. I didn't even want to bring this new cam up because I've laready asked so much about the AE-1 and I seem to already have a serious GAS problem XD