Look people, I am not trying to start yet another brand war here. Everybody has their favourite cameras. I'm not going to try and construct an argument over why I think the F is faster or better than an Exakta, etc. I, as a long-time Olympus user, am just giving the Nikon F some love, and backing it up with some images. Nothing more! Now all we need is georg16nik to jump in here and turn this into a proper flame war over Leica lenses, etc.

What I'm seeing, is that the Nikkor-H.C 50mm f/2.0 is as good a 50mm lens as I could ever need (my daily 50mm is the proven highest-performance 50 of them all - the Voigtländer Heliar 50mm f/3.5) and that the F is a magnificently accurate and precise tool to lay that image quality down on film. There are many other good cameras too, of course. I was just surprised at how nice the F is - I never even gave it a second thought.

I am excited at the prospect of various faster-than-f/2.0 lenses in non-50mm focal lengths. Olympus OM has a bigger f/2.0 range than what anybody has ever had, but they never went faster. If you love Ilford Pan F film like I do, lens speed matters a lot. Precise focusing and film flatness even more!

Interestingly, I played with the Cosina-made Zeiss ZF lenses at a shop the other day, and they are so mechanically inferiour to the 1950s Nikkors it's scary. They feel like 1970s third-party lenses. Not at all like the ZM (rangefinder) lenses, and definitely nowhere near either of the two beat-up nikkors that I have. The Zeiss 85/1.4 was particularly disappointing with it's stiff focus (I tried two new ones.) The ZF 35/1.4 felt of higher quality, but what a giant lens for what it is! The Makro Planar 100/2.0 again is no patch to the Nikkor 105/2.5 in construction quality.