I've been shooting Oly's since the FTL, which predates the OM-1 by a couple of years, then switched to OM-1 around the same time as Matt. I currantly have 3 OM-1n's an OM-1(w/MD capability), OM-2n, OM-4, and many lenses. The OM-2 and OM-4 sit alot, whilst the OM-1's are almost always out 'n about with someone in the family. All my bodies sport Winder-2's, mainly because of my limited use of right hand. Batteries are never an issue with any of them. The greatest convenience of the OM-2 is on AP mode, the camera does not have to be switched on for a correct exposure, but it must be in the off(or AUTO) position, as manual mode will not allow anything other than the exposure it is set for.