I would be excited about the new camera too if I got that many nice prints off of the first roll. Good job there, for you must take most of the credit. I've had what I think is the same experience with some new hardware, where it all comes together on the first roll and you think wow this camera/lens is great. Then the next ones might be back to your normal percentage of keepers and you realize it was really you, and not the new equipment.

As for your comments about bokeh, I find it to be one of the most important features of fast lenses. Why buy a fast lens if you aren't going to use it wide open, after all they all look about the same at f/8. And if it's used wide open you need to be concerned about how it renders the whole scene, and not just the focal plane. But that doesn't mean I only like the perfectly creamy kind of bokeh. In your first image of the car with the bent antena the jittery bokeh adds a nice energy to the image, almost as if it's a live scene with motion in the background. In a shot of a pretty face or a flower it might not work so well.