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Dude, my daily cameras are an Olympus OM-3Ti, a Leica M3, a Mamiya RB67, and a Linhof Technika. I have quite a broad perspective I believe... They are each a bit better at something than the Nikon F, yet I have never had such a percentage of perfectly focused quickly-made images than with the Nikon F.
Maybe the next acquisition should be an AF body like a Nikon F4/F5/F6 or Canon EOS-1/1N/1V? All have 100% viewfinders, excellent AF and can achieve very high frame's per second. These are the ultimate 35mm film bodies that can surely help you burn through rolls of film and give you a higher percentage of perfectly focused quickly made images . . .

Seriously, the enthusiasm is contagious and I look forward to seeing more from your F.